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for this ambitious project, we created Nearly 100 photos and 4 animations where Light and shadow are at the heart of the imagery. We were approached by google to  create monochrome images associating each product category with a colour. 

Google Visual Lead Design : Brendan Callahan
Google Art Director : Steve Czech
Google Producer : Wendy George
Production : Patricia Doss, Zetä Production
Photography : Virginie Gosselin
Art Direction and Set Design : Camille Boyer and Rodrigo Sergio
AD Assistants : Camille Bégin, Evelyne Morin, Juliette Leblanc
Photo Assistants Mathieu Guérin, Audrey McMahon, Don Loga
Digital Assistant Stephane Losq
Photo Retouching Visual Box
Tech Decor : Luigi Fortin
Making of video : Content Content

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